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Complete Showjumping Kit

Probably the most sophisticated portable budget wireless timing solution combining our easy to use Smart Jumping Ipad App connected wirelessly to the TBox timer and WIRC photocells.

Manage single and 2 phase Show Jumping with ease whilst displaying information on LED displays and sending results at the touch of a button via email, pdf or to a wireless printer.


  • T-Box
  • 3 x WIRC Photocell
  • Smart Jumping App
  • (Optional) Multi-sport LED Display

£1,250 + VAT

TBox, the smallest sports timing console on the market.

High-end electronic components and sophisticated firmware are housed in a simple and functional case, ensuring professional performance in a low-cost product.

TBox is the most cost effective solution to fit many timing requirements (even if only used as a backup timing solution!) Not only is TBox significantly more economically priced than most other products, it is designed to integrate with many ancillary devices meaning no need to upgrade your existing photocells, displays or software.

TBox also allows you to choose ancillary devices to suit your budget.

Low cost photocells that work seamlessly with T-Box via Bluetooth or cable

T-Cells provide the accuracy and manufacturing quality you would expect from a professional photocell at a fraction of the price and size.

  • Operating temperature: -20°c to 70°C
  • Precision: 1/1000th
  • Autonomy: up to 100 hours

MLED, light, compact and modular color display panel.

Resolution of 32 x 16 Leds per module.

MLED can be assembled side by side to form a custom size timing screen.

Cost Effective Timing

  • Our Timing Apps are free to download.
  • You can use all functionalities and prepare your show jumping events without any restriction.
  • Timing credits are then purchased in order to time your competitions.
  • The first 5 results are free of charge, then 1 credit will be required per new result.

Manage your competitions

  • Create and configure new competitions in a few taps.
  • Open, edit or remove existing competitions.
  • Import / export all your data via Email or Bluetooth.

Competitors list

  • Add, edit or remove competitors.
  • Import list from other iPads or via Email.
  • Export list by Email or Bluetooth.
  • Convert your list to PDF and print.
  • Create a start list for each round.

Timing couldn’t be easier

  • Select a competitors to start.
  • Start timing from your iPad or TBox.
  • Allocate penalties, edit results and correct errors at any time.

Results and ranking

  • Smart and presentable results report.
  • Simple correction of timing errors.
  • Export to CSV file or PDF for printing.

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