Complete Kits

Start - Finish

This solution uses 2 WIRC photocells (or WINP) connected to a TBox-Radio.


This solution uses 3 WIRC photocells connected to a TBox-Radio.

Course + Splits

This solution uses 4 WIRC photocells connected to a TBox-Radio.

Wireless Input

This solution uses 1 WIRC photocells and WINP Transmitter connected to a TBox-Radio.

Timing Devices


  • Designed to work with tablets and Smartphones
  • Internal back-up to keep your timing data safe
  • Wirelessly connects to photocells via a robust radio protocol

WIRC Photocells

  • Smart and compact
  • Bidirectional wireless radio protocol
  • Alternative wired connection option


  • Send impulses from 3rd party devices
  • Easy to connect and mount for a clean set-up
  • Wirelessly connects to TBox via a robust radio protocol


MLED Display

  • Resolution of 32 x 16 Leds per module
  • MLED can be assembled side by side to form a custom size timing screen
  • Optional Battery and Storage Box


  • Optional upgrade to MLED modular LED display
  • Integrated Bluetooth andfree iOS App
  • Modes include: Start Clock, Speed Trap and many more

Battery Box

  • Power your display directly from the storage and transport case.
  • Slots for everything you need on race day.
  • Compact and durable for a life on the road.


Smart Chrono

The intuitive app designed by sports timing professionals to manage your timing and results requirements for any Start-Finish Events.

Smart Jumping

A fully functioning application to streamline and uplift your event by introduction of a reliable and innovative simple to use app.

Web Services

Instantly display all your times and results online with our WebResults service.

Remote Timer

An intuitive app for any timing point, what every the distance is from the Timing center.


Thermal Printer

Thermal paper – 58mm wide
High speed printing
Li-Ion battery

Push Button

Weight: 140 g
Dimensions: 160 × 100 × 20 mm

Adapator cable

Kit Input cable
2x adaptors for Input
Jack 3.5mm plug to Banana plug

TBox RS232

RS232 cable, Jack to D-SUB
Weight: 60 g
Length: 185 cm

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