Start-Finish Wired

Where Wireless timing is not an option.
This solution uses 2-4 WIRC photocells (or WINP) connected to a TBox-Standard using 2 wires cables.

TBox is the most cost effective solution to fit many timing requirements. Not only is TBox significantly more economically priced than most other products, it is designed to integrate with many ancillary devices meaning no need to upgrade your existing photocells, displays or software. TBox also allows you to choose ancillary devices to suit your budget.

WIRC Photocells provide the accuracy and manufacturing quality you would expect from a professional photocell at a fraction of the price and size.

To improve robustness and increase reliability, a two-way protocol is used in the communication between TBox-Radio and WIRC Photocells. In case of frequency jamming or poor radio transmission data can be resent several times.

The MLED Display introduces a new, flexible way to build your timing screens on race day. With its lightweight and modular design you can use as many panels as you need to build your desired display size for your event.

Each panel weighs just 800 grams so connecting the displays and mounting them is light work. Each MLED has a definition of 32×16 dots and can be assembled side by side up to a total of 8 modules. Multi lines can also be placed on top of each other.

The app for quick and easy point-to-point timing.

Manage your competitions
Create and configure new competitions in a few taps.

Competitors list
Import list from other iPads or via Email.

Convert your list to PDF and print.
Create a start list for each round.

Timing couldn’t be easier
Start timing from your iPad or TBox.

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